General Kitchen Faucet Maintenance

Faucets are very useful kitchen implements. They are the main source of water in the kitchen, and the device we rely on to get water for our nourishment, food preparation, cleaning and washing kitchen utensils.

Finding a faucet that will perform well in the kitchen is made easier by online reviews and kitchen faucets ratings since the feedback provided by fellow consumers makes the search for a good faucet easier.

In order to keep them in great shape, we have to apply maintenance procedures on those devices too. Here are some of the things you have to do.

Mineral Deposits Removal

The majority of consumers live in hard-water areas and hard water is known for being harsh on faucets. A boost in mineral levels in hard water usually leads to lime and mineral buildup on the drain or faucet.

This buildup might be removed with a gentle abrasive cleaner or a window cleaner. However, approach the problem carefully—steer clear of scouring the part with rough soap pads or prickly sponges that can harm the finish of the faucet.

The more tenacious the buildup is, the more it needs a concentrated cleaner. You can check out cleaners of this kind on home improvement stores around your area.

Special cleaners for mineral and lime buildup are made for these kinds of faucet issues. They make the job faster and at the same time maintain the shiny and polished appearance of your faucet.

If you are wondering about their price, these cleaners are often affordable and are a must for homeowners who live in hard-water locations.


The majority of quality faucets from trusted brands are high-performance models that will require little to no maintenance. These models do come with precautions though, to guarantee that they will function at their highest levels for a long time.

For example, small parts in the faucet which include springs and seats might succumb to typical wearing away and need to be changed over the course of time. One indication of this is leaks.

While lots of homeowners prefer to leave maintenance chores to their trusted plumber, you can do some of the minor chores yourself. Home improvement stores stock up on maintenance items that are needed for those procedures and DIY repairs.

You can also find a wealth of products online if a particular item you are after is missing on your local home improvement branch’s shelves.

It does not matter where you buy your maintenance or replacement parts, but you have to guarantee that you are purchasing authentic parts from reliable companies. By doing this, you will save extra expenses after some time.

In addition, make sure that you hold on to the items that are included together with the faucet when it was bought. This will speed up choosing whatever replacement parts you need later on.

It is also wise to invest in a faucet that includes a lifetime or at least a limited warranty. Buying a faucet that includes a warranty will help you with any annoyances that often come up while dealing with a substandard item.

Warranties also mean that companies have utmost trust in their products which is why they include this form of assurance on their items.

The majority of faucets require a small amount of maintenance on a regular basis. Cleaning the kitchen faucet only requires a wet cloth and mild cleaner, followed by wiping the faucet dry with a soft, clean cloth. Doing so will preserve its original finish.

You can also make use of window cleaners on the kitchen faucet, but be aware though that using abrasive cleaners on the item can do some obvious harm to its shiny finish.

Before using those cleaning products, make sure that you read the directions and warnings that are provided on the products. Faucet models with a matte finish might require additional care, like using liquid furniture polish or aerosol over the course of cleaning.

Employing furniture polish on the kitchen faucet provides a harmonized look on the faucet’s surface—it minimizes disparities and helps in protecting the faucet from fingerprints which are caused by the silicon oil that is contained in the polish.